• 八年级作文
  • 2023-08-14

八年级上册英语作文第三单元?八年级上册英语作文第三单元 I’m a singer.And I have a long vacation this summer.I decided on going to Singapore because I heard that Singapore is beautiful.I’m planning to running,那么,八年级上册英语作文第三单元?一起来了解一下吧。










While He Yan was at the doctor's. I was going to the class. While He Yan was having English class, I was having a test. While she was having lunch with her mother, I was playing in the park. While she visiting her aunt in hospital, I was studying in the classroom. While she was going shopping, I was going home.


While He Yan was at the doctor's,I was going to the class. While He Yanwas having English class,I was going shopping.While He Yan was having lunch with her mother.I was having a lunch with my friends.While He Yan was visiting aunt in hospital.I was reading books at home.While He Yan was going shopping.I was watching TV with my parents.





I’m a singer.And I have a long vacation this summer.I decided on going to Singapore because I heard that Singapore is beautiful.I’m planning to running,going sightseeing and going bike riding.At night,I’m taking walk and renting videos.Then I will go to bed.I can’t wait


As we all see, the environment is polluted by a lot of waste things.Some people throw the daily refuse into rivers or on the street at random.This is one reason for the environmental pollution. So in daily life I will consciously put the rubbish into the rubbish bin to reduce the contamination.

Taking care of our environment is our duty.But how we can do to make our environment more beautiful?

At first,we must make ourselves clean.For example,we must wash our clothes when they are dirty.We should not litter waste things about,and draw on the wall.We mustn't spit in public or cut down trees.

We should plant more trees around our neighbourhood.We should pick the rubbish up and throw them into the dustbin when we see them.

We must make our world more and more beautiful,don't you think so?


Spring Festival is China's most important traditional festival, we like the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year's Eve in this day, the family ate dinner together, whether in the home where they will be sent best wishes to his family, children are the most like the Chinese New Year because the Chinese New Year, when a child can get a red envelope. The long history of the Spring Festival, which originated in the Shang period the year draws to a close servicemen and the memorial activities. According to China's Lunar, the first day of the first lunar month yen ancient name, Yuan-chen, a copy, is Emperor, the New Year Day, which is commonly known as Day of the Republic. switch to the Gregorian calendar, the calendar on January 1 as New Year's Day, January 1st called the Lunar Spring Festival.


Should students make friends on line ?some people say yes.The internet helps make many friends.Chatting on line,students can more freely express their feelings and opinions,and even get help with their foreign language studies .

However,Others think students should not.They say making friends on line is a waste of time,which should be spent more meaningfully on study.Besides,some students get cheated on line .

It is my opinion that students should place their study,health and safety before other things.As for friendship,we can readily find it in our classmates and other people around us .


Great changes have taken place in my city and more and more people throughout the world are focusing their attention on it now. As a citizen of my city , I feel I must spare no efforts to do my bit.

First, we must take care of the city environment we live in.For example,we shouldn't throw any garbage in the street,draw on the wall and spit in public. and I decide to help plant more trees to make our city more beautiful.

Second, I should obey seven no's and be good at learning from others.

Finally, I should study hard so that I can do something better for my city in the future.

八年级上册英语作文:MY DAILY LIFE 我的日常生活

Though my daily life is extremely monotonous, I try hard to adapt myself to it. Why? Because I intend to be a good student. I wish to render service to my country.

I get up at six o’clock every day. After I wash my face and brush my teeth, I begin to review my lessons. I go to school at seven o’clock.

After school is over, I return home. We usually have supper at seven o’clock.Then I begin to do my homework. I want to finish it before I go to bed.


My best friend and I

My best friend is Li Ming. He is 14 years old. and I am younger than he, I am 13. We are both tall, but he is a little taller than I. Because I eat a lot, so I am fatter.

I am good at English, and my English is much better than his. But his math is better than mine.

We are good frends, and we alway help each other. I think it is good to be honest with your friends and help each other!


Last weekend ,after I finished my homework my mother picked on me to do the chores .There are many housework such as cleaning the table,waashing the bowels,emptying the trash,setting the table .Before these,I bought the vegetables in the market with her.In the afternoon I brushed my father's shoes and made it brightly.Then I folded my clothes,cleaned the toilet,cleaning the windows in my room.In the evening,I finished the little wardrobe and scrap books.I like to listen to the fakily troubles ,Although sometimes without help,but I think it could relief their stess,also I like cooking because the cooking may make family relax.As for something I do not like ,I do not think it out.